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Louie and Kaylin are a part of our fun series of photos called Seasons of Bliss! We go to different locations throughout Colorado with other engaged couples. The goal is to capture the engaged season of life through the newlywed months! These images are all from their personalized session. Hair and makeup provided by Mary Rodriguez with Glammed Up Designs

A little bit about Kaylin and Louie:

Wedding date: September 19, 2020

How we met: We were introduced in May 2017 by a mutual friend. Debbie, a former coworker of mine, was an old family friend of Louie’s. She came to my office one day and asked me if I was single. I said yes, and she told me she knew of someone I should meet. She basically told Louie the same thing about me! She said it was up to us to become friends on Facebook. Of course I stalked him immediately on Facebook, but I waited for him to make the first move. He friended me later that night and we started chatting…A LOT. At the time, we lived 2 hours away from each other! He was coming through my area that weekend after we started talking to visit his parents. So we decided to meet for dinner that week. We met for dinner at 7, and talked all night. Suddenly it was 11pm and we had chatted the whole night away! We spent the next year and a half dating long distance. With him being a firefighter, he would spend his free days visiting me, and I’d spend my weekends driving to see him. He started applying for new jobs about a year into our relationship. He came across a job posting for Aurora and decided to throw his hat in the ring. We talked about it as if it would only ever be a dream. How awesome would it be to actually live in Colorado?! As time passed, he kept getting further along in the recruitment process and we realized it was a strong possibility! All along in the process, we had talked about whether or not we would BOTH be moving to Colorado. I was all-in. I had faith that he would get the job, and so I started looking for jobs myself, too. Then, in November 2018, he got the offer. That was a huge turning point in our relationship. Not only was I leaving my family in my home state, but we would be living together for the first time! In late December 2018, we both moved to Colorado together, and thus began the best year of our lives so far! We both started new jobs, bought a house, adopted 2 adorable dalmatians, and then got engaged all in the same year. We are each other’s support system, which is what keeps our relationship strong. 

Our engagement story: Louie and I love hiking, especially with our two dalmatians. It had been a while since we had been on a hike (weather, holidays, work). We both happened to have a random Thursday off and decided to plan a hike. We picked Staunton State Park, mostly because it was an easy drive. It was a beautiful, but chilly morning. When we got there, I quickly realized we were the only ones on the trail which is pretty rare for Colorado! As we started on the trail, I noticed a girl walking around with her camera – not thinking anything of it. I just assumed she was taking pictures of trees in the snow. We went around a curve on the trail and hit a shady patch. Louie had taken his stocking cap off, and mentioned he wanted to stop and put it back on. I stopped too, looking off down the trail, minding my own business. Next thing I hear is “hey, babe. Can you help me with something?” I turn around, and he’s down on one knee, fumbling and trying to get this box that I’ve never seen out of his trail bag. Then I catch onto what is happening. He started talking but I didn’t hear anything he was saying, because I just kept repeating “honey, what are you doing?! what are you doing??” Finally, his words hit me “Sooo, is that a yes??” “YES OF COURSE!!” And then I cried. Turns out the “girl with a camera” ended up being a photographer hired by Louie to snap pictures of our special moment. It was perfect 🙂

Our typical date night: Dinner, and a movie or concert. 

Our favorite thing to do together: Probably going for a hike or doing something in nature that we both enjoy. Then going on our weekly Costco run on the way home. We also like to be in the kitchen together, creating and tweaking recipes to make them our own. 

Wedding Venue: Our wedding venue is called Once Upon A Time Events in Kiowa, CO. Its a barn venue with an outdoor ceremony space, overlooking the rolling hills of eastern Colorado. We have decided on a rustic decor, with the color scheme of merlot, blush pink, navy and rose gold. 

What do you do for a living? Louie is a firefighter/EMT for Aurora Fire Rescue, and Kaylin is a clinical athletic trainer at Children’s Hospital Colorado in their orthopedic department. 

Other fun facts: Louie is a competitor for Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge. It’s an obstacle course that he does in full turnout gear while breathing with the air-pack. We have traveled the country for these challenges, as well as for 9-11 Memorial Stair Climbs, which is another one of his passions. Kaylin is wearing her mother’s dress for the wedding. Also, the engagement ring is made with a diamond from a pendant necklace that was Louie’s grandmother’s. 










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