Enchanting and Colorful Wedding at Skylight Venue

It was an absolute dream being able to have creative freedom for this wedding at Skylight Venue! You’ll see from these photos that there is a ton of color along the buildings. Family and friends gathered near and far to share in the joyous celebration between these two. The day unfolded perfectly, with one small exception—looming rain clouds threatened to interrupt the magic…

The Blossoming Beginnings at the Skylight Venue

Danyelle and Garrett’s love story is a delightful blend of chance encounters and decisive actions. Intrigued by Danyelle, Garrett shared his interest with his sister Dorian, who is coincidentally Danyelle’s mentor as well. Just as a bit more backstory, Danyelle and Garrett both attend the same church with their older siblings. Both of their older sisters are good friends at the church and had a role in the matchmaking. Dorian and Brooke (who is Danyelle’s sister), supported the match, leading to Dorian mentioning Garrett to Cam, her husband. Cam, organizing a Bible study group at the church, invited Danyelle to join, which naturally included Garrett.

Coincidentally, Brooke and her husband, Jake, needed a babysitter on the same night as Cam’s group and thought of Danyelle. When Cam learned of this, he asked Jake to find another babysitter, resulting in both Garrett and Danyelle regularly attending the group. Garrett eventually asked Danyelle out for coffee, and their relationship blossomed quickly. Their story serves as a reminder that love can unexpectedly find us, creating a narrative that is uniquely theirs.

The Beauty In the Day

It was an honor to be part of Danyelle and Garrett’s special day, capturing the essence of their love and celebration. From the intimate moments shared between the couple to the joyous celebrations with family and friends, every detail was a testament to their beautiful union.

A priority for Danyelle and Garrett was to have plenty of candid photos of their guests, cherishing the presence of loved ones who shared in their joy. I made it a point to capture these candid moments, as a Denver photographer at Skylight, ensuring that every smile and heartfelt interaction was preserved for them to look back on.

Challenges in Denver

Colorado is known for it’s sudden change in weather and as a Denver photographer at Skylight, my job is to ensure everything goes smoothly, photo-wise, as much as possibly. Despite the challenges posed by the unpredictable Denver weather and moving clouds affecting lighting every 3 minutes, I was dedicated to ensuring that their day remained magical. Throughout the day, I kept a close watch on the sky as it shifted from cloudy to sunny and even sprinkled a little during the ceremony. However, I ensured that we had a break right after the ceremony, and it stayed clear, albeit a bit chilly. As we made our way inside, just in time, the weather took a dramatic turn and down poured snow and rain while we stayed nice and cozy.

In the end, Danyelle and Garrett’s wedding was a beautiful testament to their love and the support of their friends and family. Being able to capture these moments and tell their story is truly a privilege.

BRide and groom walking hand in hand as they exit their venue Skylight

Skylight Venue Wedding Vendors

Coordinator/Planner: Personal Friend
Photography: KB Radiant Photography
DJ: Personal Friend
Cake: Sister of the bride
Venue: Skylight
Danyelle’s Dress: Luv Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Birdie Grey
Garrett’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

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